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The fastest secure way to deploy apps on your devices remotely

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Secure, Manage & Distribute Android Apps

Our Mobile Application Management feature helps administrators to remotely publish applications to the Android devices that are managed by MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown. Upload APKs on your private App Store in MobiLock dashboard and publish them to devices registered with your account. These APKs are automatically downloaded on the devices and the device user will be alerted to install the application.

Smartly Manage Apps

  • Seamless distribution of both in-house and Play Store Apps to groups/devices.
  • Get the status of the deployed Apps on the user's devices.
  • View the list of Apps and their installation count on mobile devices.
  • Manage the Apps over the Air (OTA) to groups/devices.
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Easy Administration

MobiLock Enterprise Store provides a common platform to manage in-house and commercial applications used with your organization. Administrators can remotely publish, unpublish or delete the apps on the groups of devices or single device. This reduces excessive data usage for App Installation as only the required apps by the specific group are installed on the selected devices.

Silently install/uninstall apps on Samsung, LG & Rooted devices

Silently install/uninstall apps from the devices that are published from the MobiLock Enterprise Store. This process is silent and happens without end-users involvement.

Application Version Control & Rollback Support

Application version control allows you to keep two version of the app on the Enterprise Store. You can also rollback apps installed on the devices to the previous version in case of unstable release.
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