With Kiosk Lockdown, We make Android Device Management Simple

By Kiosk lockdown mode & real-time remote device management capability, control your Android devices, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MDM solution. Secure the use of company-owned Android devices used by your employees, tablet-based interactive kiosks, mobile point of sale (mPOS) and digital signage.

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Turn Android Tablet into Kiosk Mode

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What is Android Kiosk Mode?

MobiLock Pro - Kiosk Lockdown app will turn the company-owned Android mobile/tablet devices into Kiosk mode, which simply means that the device home screen is replaced with a customizable screen that limits user access to select applications enabled by you. It allows administrators to block the use of Android OS settings so that your employees don’t fiddle with the device settings, install non-essential apps like games or access data consuming websites.

  • Single App Lockdown Mode

    You can run an application in Single App Mode and auto-launch the same application when the device reboots.

  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown

    With our custom MobiLock Browser you can hide the address bar of the browser, this will enable full screen kiosk browser mode.

Device Management Dashboard

MobiLock Pro's cloud-based mobile device management dashboard allows you to remotely manage Apps, track device locations, wipe device data, and monitor internet data usage and much more.

  • Enterprise Store

    Upload your APKs on the MobiLock Enterprise Store and remotely install them on your registered Android devices.

  • Security Incidents

    Security incidents record the incidents in the security logs when anyone tries to forecefully exit or swap SIM card on the registered Android devices.

MobiLock's partnership with Samsung allows us to provide robust security features with Samsung Knox SDK.

Our Kiosk Lockdown is perfect for


The logistics industry is embracing mobility solutions to have uninterrupted communication and access to information in real-time. With the use of mobile devices, field force can access non-business related apps or games which result in loss of focus on the job and reduced productivity.MobiLock Pro - Kiosk Software helps these companies to lockdown their Android devices and manage them remotely via the cloud-based dashboard. It also helps in tracking locations of the on-field employees in real time.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Logistics

Logistics Logistics Logistics


MobiLock Pro - Kiosk App helps educational institutions to prevent students from misusing the devices or changing the device settings. MobiLock Pro locks down the devices into kiosk mode that gives control to the admin to enable only required apps on the device, whitelist websites to keep students away from any objectionable content online and to remotely share relevant documents to the devices using the cloud-based dashboard.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Education

Education Education Education


The retail industry is using mobile devices to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction. Mobile devices are now being increasingly used as kiosk display and POS in the retail stores. Our kiosk lockdown software helps in managing these devices effectively by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the devices. The admin can choose to run the device in single app kiosk mode which makes it a perfect kiosk for store visitors.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Retail

Retail Retail


Healthcare industry is using mobile devices to access the patient information on the go and take quick actions based on the patient’s information. Mobile devices are also used as kiosk systems at these institutions. Our kiosk app helps them to turn the device in kiosk mode to keep only business related apps on the device. It also restricts access to the device settings and helps in reducing the maintenance cost of the device.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Healthcare

Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare


Mobile devices are being used to increase the customer engagement in the restaurants. With guests having access to such devices, it is necessary to secure devices from all misuse and tampering of settings. With MobiLock Pro - Kiosk App, restaurant owners are making sure that users are not downloading unauthorized apps or misusing the devices.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Restaurants

Restaurants Restaurants


Mobile Devices are used in museums as an interactive kiosk for the visitors. The visitors can look for information on the mobile devices and get an instant answer. Using mobile devices increase the information delivery and enhances the user experience. The interactive kiosks also increases the visitor engagement which results in better information delivery and customer satisfaction.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Museums



The car rental services have equipped their drivers with mobile devices that help them to stay connected and share pickup and drop off locations of the customer. By using mobile devices the companies face challenges like drivers tampering with the device settings, using the device for personal work and excessive data usage. With our Kiosk Application, these companies can restrict drivers from installing non-business related apps, monitor data usage which helps them to keep the drivers focused on the job.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Transportation

Transportation Transportation


Mobile devices in construction industry help in effective project tracking, inventory management, assigning tasks and keep a track of its progress. Using mobile devices increases the risks of worker distraction by playing games and using the devices for personal work. Our Android Kiosk App gives control to the admin to remotely manage the devices using the cloud-based dashboard, all usage of only business apps and track the location of the devices in real time.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Construction

Construction Construction


Mobile devices enhance the automation process and employees productivity in the manufacturing industry. Usually, multiple business apps are used to monitor and control business processes. With our Kiosk Lock App, companies can remotely upgrade apps on the devices via the cloud-based device management dashboard. This helps the companies reduce the device maintenance downtime.

Companies using MobiLock Pro in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Manufacturing

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