Digital Signage Kiosk

Digital Signage Kiosk Management with MobiLock Presentations

MobiLock Presentations allows you to play content such as videos & images in a loop on Android tablet or TV sticks. Easily create and update new content on the devices remotely. MobiLock Presentations is ideal for digital signage solutions.

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*Available on Android OS only
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Digital Signage Kiosk Management

MobiLock Digital Signage Kiosk Features

Digital Signage Features

Enforce Landscape Mode

Play the presentation in landscape mode regardless be it a digital kiosk or in screensaver mode.

Loop Continuously

Publish the presentation used for digital signage and set the presentation in loop which requires no user-interaction.

Set Time Interval

Speed up or slow down your presentation by choosing an interval between videos and images.

Support Multiple File Format

MobiLock’s Presentations support various file formats. It supports PNG, JPEG, JPG GIF & MP4 file format.

Digital Signage Kiosk

What is Digital Signage Kiosks?

Digital Signage Kiosks are a great way to engage visitors in malls, airports and various public places. Android tablets are frequently used devices to set up Digital Signage Kiosks because of the low cost and durability. However setting them up, locking them in a Kiosk mode, and controlling the content for signage is easy with MobiLock Presentations.

Benefits of using MobiLock Presentations

  • Remotely update the content

  • Restrict users interaction to only selected media files

  • Host content on Google Drive and push it via MobiLock Pro

  • With Kiosk Mode, restrict users from changing system settings

  • Streaming Content via screening devices such as TV Boxes & Sticks running Android OS

  • Display advertisements, videos, product images or any content related to your business to the customers with Video Looper feature

Remote Cast & Control for Digital Signage

Remote Cast mirrors the active screen of Android digital signage on the administrator’s dashboard giving real-time information about the digital signage’s current activity & Remote Control allows you to provide remote control support for Android digital signage.

Digital Signage Remote Cast

How MobiLock Presentations Works?

MobiLock Presentations feature enables you to manage digital signage and its distribution in three simple steps from the dashboard.


Upload Content

Simply upload or place URL of a Google Drive to upload the content of your choice.


Create Presentation

Add the uploaded content, set the order & apply properties before saving the presentation.



Edit the saved presentation if needed and publish it to device groups or devices with a simple click.

Digital Signage Presentation

Who needs MobiLock Presentations?

MobiLock Presentations is an easy solution for all your digital signage requirements. It is used by businesses across various industries.



Attract, inform and engage audiences, with more dynamic, colorful and instant content to keep them interested.


Students & Teachers can collaborate in sharing content which allows saving time and efforts by adding the content, creating a presentation & publishing it to devices.


Create a distinct in-store experience by displaying digital ads, videos, traditional store signage or any messages for customers.


As digital customer experience has become a top priority for hoteliers, Engage customers by showing latest event informations using MobiLock Presentations.

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