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Android Kiosk Mode for Single-Purpose Tablets & Smartphones

Lock down your Android devices into a kiosk mode. MobiLock Pro work as Android kiosk app, securing your tablet into a kiosk or purposed device. Restrict access to apps on mobile devices to ensure device and data security.

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Turn your Android Tablet into Kiosk Mode

How Android Kiosk Mode works?

On the Android devices, MobiLock Kiosk Mode works by replacing default home screen with a customizable MobiLock Pro custom launcher screen. The custom launcher restricts user access to recent apps tray, Android notification menu and system settings. You can also disable volume, power and device lock button on KNOX/GATE supported Samsung/LG devices. Even restarting the devices will directly launch the MobiLock Pro - Kiosk app.

Benefits of using MobiLock Kiosk Mode

MobiLock Pro restricts the users from accessing unnecessary data consuming apps such as games, device settings or even the notification bar on the device. MobiLock Pro is password protected app which prevents the user from getting out of Kiosk Mode without Admins permission.


Our Kiosk Mode Features

Multi App Mode
The password-protected Android Kiosk Mode created a secure environment and gave you an ability to choose and enable the apps you want on the Android device(s). This application will be seen on the Kiosk Mode home screen, and users can only access these apps.
Custom Branding
Create custom branding for the Kiosk Mode screen to reflect your company branding. You can add custom logo, company name and custom wallpaper. In our advance custom branding you can change app icon size, text color, label color and hide application name label.
Single App Mode
In Single App Mode, user access is restricted to a single application that users can't exit or change.
Broadcast Messages
Send 'ONE WAY' messages to any Android device(s) directly from the dashboard. You can also check the status of the sent message.
Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing
Use Location Tracking to monitor your devices or on-field workforce’s whereabouts. Also, use Geo-fence on a specific areas and get notified every time a device moves out of the Geo-fence.
Remotely Install & Uninstall Apps
With our Enterprise App Store you can upload your APKs on our dashboard & remotely install them on Android devices. It gives you flexibility to remotely update, uninstall & distribute apps.

Manage Android Devices Remotely

MobiLock Pro Kiosk mode and some device settings can be remotely managed via our web-based device management dashboard


Using MobiLock Pro, you can centralize the control and management of your tablet kiosks. You can remotely update apps, track device locations, control branding, publish content to the devices and manage a host of other things on the device. With MobiLock Pro Android kiosk app you can easily manage your fleet of kiosks and deliver interactive digital experience to your customers.

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Lock down Android Tablet to Single App Mode

Running an Android application in single app mode ensures that users cannot exit/close that application.


Transform a tablet into a Kiosk within minutes