Remote Support for Android Devices with MobiLock Remote Control

Support Samsung, LG and Lenovo Android phones and tablets with remote control, screen sharing, and the ability to stop processes.

MobiLock Remote Support Capabilities

Once the remote control session begins, the administrators can control the Android device (Samsung, Sony & Lenovo only which run on Android version 5.0+) from the MobiLock dashboard. Getting real-time control & visibility of the device from MobiLock dashboard will allow the administrators to have a clear understanding of the issue and enable him to provide a quick resolution.


Remote Control

Navigate the screen, access applications, and click as if you’re holding the device in your hands (Samsung, Sony & Lenovo Only).

Unattended Remote Access

Control unattended Android devices being used as point-of-sale systems or kiosks.

Screen Sharing

See what the end-user sees on their Android phone or tablet in real time, including apps, settings, and the device camera. (Android 5.0+ Lollipop)

App Uninstall and System Information

View key system info, kill processes and uninstall apps on Android devices. Viewable system information including OS version, memory, apps, and more.

MobiLock Remote Control Simplifies Tech Support

With MobiLock Remote Control one can access and fix nearly any remote Android device (Samsung, Sony, Lenovo) that is enrolled in MobiLock Pro, located anywhere in the world. Using MobiLock Remote Control, administrators can view and control remote device, collaborate with other administrators, and chat with end-user and administrators with MobiLock Eva messenger.

Control Android Devices

Control Samsung, Sony and Lenovo Android devices remotely as if you were holding it in your hands

Real-time Support

Provide real-time support or administer unattended devices(e.g. Android Kiosks or Mounted devices)