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Evolving Hospitality on the tech front

Mobile technology has changed the dynamics of various industries, including hospitality. Hospitality is a customer service oriented industry. In the last decade the advancements in IoT have pushed the hotels to now have hardware and software that provides a seamless experience on all fronts. Hotels & Resorts are now able to optimize their operations and logistics with mobile devices. With Android TVs, information kiosks, digital menus, digital payments with mPOS, remote locking/unlocking and devices with IoT apps, hoteliers are leveraging the mobility wave to connect well with their guests. As a result, guests can avail premium and personalised service - prudently and effortlessly.

MobiLock MDM helps you provide personalised and premium services to your guests

Using Android & iOS mobile devices with MobiLock MDM makes your hospitality, delightful and comfortable, for your guests. You can implement mobility effortlessly in your hotels for various purpose such as information kiosks for better customer engagement and experience, digital signage for display, mPOS for easy and flexible payment process and inventory management, Android TVs in the rooms for the guest entertainment and efficient

Room service with Android TVs and tablets

Many hotels are going for the Android TV sets in the rooms. These TVs can be locked by MobiLock MDM and have integrated apps for movies, music, games, news, city maps and other tourist information.

Hospitality android tv
Single app mode img

Single App Mode

Guests can get various information about hotel’s facilities, events and sightseeing from kiosks and digital signage kept in the reception area. MobiLock Pro can lock the Android & iOS devices into single app mode which then serves as dedicated kiosks,digital signage and mPOS.

Remote Management

MobiLock MDM is a Cloud based solution and its dashboard is very simple and easy to use and does not require an IT specialist to operate it. Kiosks, digital signage, Android TVs, mPOS, hotel-owned devices all can be managed together through a single dashboard.

Hospitality remote management

Leverage Mobility in Hospitality with MobiLock MDM Solution

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