Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution for Healthcare

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How mobile technology helps healthcare industry

In hospitals, all the devices need to be managed centrally to seamlessly connect and carry out all the tasks efficiently. To provide prompt emergency treatment to the incoming patients, the concerned doctors should be contacted through messaging service. Again, during the emergencies, patient’s information has to be sent in real-time to the concerned doctors and staff, all of this is now being done using tablets iPads and smartphones. It is important that the hospital administration ensures that these smartphones, iPads and tablets are managed and controlled with robust security policies.

Enable timely & quality healthcare services with Efficient MDM Solution

MobiLock MDM helps hospitals in managing their fleet of Android & iOS devices remotely. You can remotely manage, control and
communicate with devices from a cloud-based dashboard.

Remote Centralised Management

MobiLock MDM is Cloud based solution, multiple Android & iOS devices are deployed at a time and set-up in no time. All the deployed devices can be monitored and managed remotely in real time from centralized web console.

Healthcare remote centralised management
Healthcare controlling devices

Controlling Devices

MobiLock Pro locks down the mobile devices to avoid misuse by anyone. In case of any incident of security breach, the administrator gets alert message and details about when, how and who tried to exploit the device.

EVA Communication Suite

EVA Communication Suite – add on messenger and call app from MobiLock Pro enables the administrator and physicians to send messages to each other whenever there is an emergency or require any information related to the patients. Physicians can even interact with their seniors in seeking some advice or sharing some patient related health issues.

Healtchcare eva messenger
Healthcare enterprise appstore

Enterprise App Store

To access any other apps used specifically for your hospital can be accessed through enterprise app store. The admin can integrate with necessary apps required by the physicians or other staff. He can further publish on those devices which require these apps for specific purpose.

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