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Bring mobile technology to the classrooms

The ubiquity of mobile and internet technology has revolutionized the traditional methods of education. The conventional
mode of education is now turning into an interactive, visually engaging and fun with eBooks, educational apps and websites.
Schools and educational institutions are embracing this change as it fosters innovation and makes learning more engaging.
Mobilock MDM solution helps you deliver interactive learning experience without worrying about students misusing
the Android or iOS devices or accessing restricted content on these devices.

Manage and Control Content accessible to the students and staff

MobiLock MDM Solution helps you to manage & control your Android & iOS devices remotely.
With MobiLock Pro, you can quickly provision the device, restrict access to application & specific device settings, deploy apps
remotely & restrict access to websites.
MobiLock MDM Solution which turns all the mobile devices provided to the students into educational kiosks and can be managed
remotely from a centralised dashboard by the institutes’ authority.

Main features of MobiLock MDM for the Educational Android & iOS devices
Whitelisting only selected educational website and apps
Remote managing of all the devices from a single dashboard
Remotely wipe images in Gallery from the dashboard
Remotely publish files on the devices
Deploy education and other apps to the devices from the dashboard
Broadcast message to devices in one go
Track location of the devices
Run any application in Single App Mode

Device Lockdown

MobiLock Pro locks the Apple & Android devices given to the students so that they remain focussed on learning and don’t misuse the device. The school administrator, whitelists only those websites and enable access to apps which are for educational purpose and/or relevant to their learning. They can restrict access to games, movie apps or any other irrelevant apps which will ensure that devices are not used for entertainment purpose.

Education device lockdown
Education remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring of students‘ devices

Students’ devices can be monitored remotely from the dashboard which will help them to know how and where the students are using the device. Teachers can also remotely wipe images uploaded by the students from dashboard.

Remote Content Management

Teachers can upload various contents to deliver to its students like class notes, assignments, worksheets, quizzes, tests, project details and even visuals and audio contents like presentations, animated learning videos etc.

Education remote content management
Education learning interactive

Makes Learning fun and interactive

In place of the conventional method of learning with textbooks in hard copy, the usage of MobiLock Pro kiosks by students makes learning more fun. Lots of audio-visual contents can be inculcated in the method and learning process can be become interactive.

Minimize distractions. Maximize learning with
MobiLock MDM

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