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How MDM Solution is Transforming Logistics Industry

The business process and operations of the logistics companies have completely transformed by inculcating the new mobile technologies in day to day functions. The speed at which the communication and information distribution happens is remarkable and has transformed the workflow of logisticians and drivers. With the usage of mounted smartphones or tablets, drivers can access business content, take-over the next assignments and decide the fuel-saving route while on the go. This leads to higher productivity and cost effectiveness.

Logistics is highly intricate and vigorous business, but is managed exceptionally well with the help of mobile devices integrated with most recent logistics management software. Through these mounted mobile devices in the vehicles, the back office can track the consignment and get updated with location details in real-time.

Overcome the Challenges

Device misuse

When the companies provide mobile devices to the drivers, there is likelihood of the misuse of devices for playing games, streaming live videos, listening to live music etc. This will result in losing concentration of the drivers at work as well as increase mobile data usage & cost.

Vehicle Location

Timely delivery of the goods is the ultimate focus of a logistics company. In order to meet that, it is critical to get the latest updates about the weather and traffic conditions on the route of each vehicle. For this purpose, it very important to get real time exact location of each vehicles. The updates can be precise only if the location known is exact.

Document Handling

The drivers of the vehicles have to carry bunch of important documents like shipping manifests and timesheets during their journey. There are chances that these documents goes missing or misplaced, creating unnecessary trouble for the drivers & the company.


In logistics industry, communication needs to be quick and prudent between the drivers and the ground staff. The ground staff needs to have continuous updates of each vehicle, driver, goods and assets. They also need to inform the drivers of any change of plan, bad weather and other issues on the go.

Device Lockdown and Remote Management

The devices given to the drivers are restricted for the business usage only. MobiLock Pro restricts access to various social media apps and games. It also restricts high data usage by various social media sites and on-demand video streaming sites. Remotely, from the company office, administrator can manage all the devices over the cloud with utmost ease. Drivers can access only those apps and website which the administrator has whitelisted. Administrator can any time add or delete apps and shared contents and restrict usage of Bluetooth for any device.

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Location Tracking & Geofencing

Administrator can effortlessly get the status of each and every device with its driver from the dashboard. With MobiLock MDM, it is possible to track the location of the devices. It also gives enhanced location tracking for detailed information about the devices. MobiLock MDM helps set up a virtual limit for each device, this feature is called Geo-Fencing. Whenever the device goes out of that set limit, it is recorded and weekly log is sent to administrator by email.

EVA Communication Suite

EVA Communication Suite is an add-on feature from MobiLock Pro. It’s a chat messenger which enables conversation of administrators with drivers. Eva is extremely useful in order to stay connected and collaborate in real-time.

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Enterprise App store

It’s a beneficial feature of MobiLock Pro, which allows to upload and then remotely push your APKs on enrolled Android devices. These APKs are automatically downloaded on the devices and the device user will be alerted to install the application.This enhances the experience on the locked device. Administrator can remotely update, uninstall and distribute apps to the group of devices or a particular device.

Remote Connection and Support to the Drivers

By MobiLock’s RemoteCast, it is possible to view real-time device screen activities on the dashboard. In this way, the field staff and ground staff can stay connected securely which helps seamless logistics operations.

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Gives Flexibility and Security

With device groups & profiles, MobiLock MDM solution for logistics gives lot of flexibility in enrolling & managing the devices remotely. To ensure the security of all the enrolled devices, MobiLock Pro has a feature by which administrator can remotely be notified about any security incidents like unlocking MobiLock Pro attempts on the device or any efforts made to swap the SIM cards. This enables him to take further necessary action.

Case Study

Visa Global Logistics

VISA Global Logistics was founded in 1982, it has become one of Australia’s largest privately owned international freight forwarding companies and through their extensive global network, they deliver a comprehensive logistics system for all worldwide trade lanes.

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