"What is the difference between Password and Passcode?"


Your password is one which you use to log in to your account and access the Admin Panel, as shown below in image 1.

On your device, the password is required to log in to your MobiLock Pro account the first time you download the application such as in image 2.

Image 1


Image 2


Changing your password

Your login password is required to make any changes to your Admin profile.

To change your password:

  1. Sign in to your account and Click on Avatar image at the top corner on the right side of your dashboard.

  2. Click on View and Edit Profile option. You will see a window like the one shown below.

  3. Change password1
  4. On this click on the Edit option provided as marked in the image and click on Change Password.

  5. Change password2
  6. A window will appear as shown below

  7. Enter the Current Password, the New Password and Confirm New Password.

  8. After the details are filled click on SAVE button.

  9. Change password3

    You have successfully changed the Password!


Your passcode is a code which you set for your devices. The passcode is set from the admin panel and can only be changed by the admin.

To view Passcode:

  1. Sign in to your account and click on Devices on the left of your dashboard.

  2. Click on View Details option.

  3. Passcode1
  4. To see the Passcode click on the Eye button given next to the masked 4 digit Exit Passcode.

  5. Passcode2

    On your device, the Exit Passcode will be required to Exit MobiLock Pro and unlock your device or change any settings.


Change the Passcode

To change the Exit Passcode:

  1. Click on the settings icon next to the Device name as shown in the image below.

  2. Select the Change Exit Passcode option from the list.

  3. Change passcode1
  4. A new window appears as shown in the image below, Type the New Passcode which you want to set and Click on UPDATE.

  5. Change passcode2

    You have successfully changed the Exit Passcode!

    Note: By default the EXIT PASSCODE is a 4 digit code but while changing the Passcode you can use more than 4 digits.