Alternative to Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

MobiLock Pro can work as a replacement to traditional MDM solutions. Manage & control company-owned Android devices at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Android MDM solution.

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Android Device Management

With MobiLock Pro, You can manage, control and secure your company-owned Android devices by locking them into Kiosk Mode

Password Protected Kiosk Lockdown
Exiting the MobiLock App and accessing setting of the app and device are password protected.
Custom Branding
Change the look of your device home screen to reflect your company branding with your logo, company name and custom wallpaper.
Send Alarm / Buzz Device
Remotely send an alarm to any of your registered devices to ring instantly.
Copy Settings
Copy app settings from one device to another, including blocked/unblocked status, visibility of apps, default app & exit passcode.
Clear Data
Remotely wipe images, audio & video files from the device gallery.
Broadcast Message
Send a message to any device(s) directly from the dashboard.

Mobile Content Management

MobiLock Content Management feature allows administrators to remotely push files and folders to the registered devices through Device Management Dashboard.


MobiLock Browser

MobiLock Browser allows you to whitelist and block access to other websites. You can also hide the address bar of the browser. This will enable full Kiosk browser mode on your device.


Android Device Management Dashboard (DMD)

The heart of MobiLock’s product offering is MobiLock DMD, our cloud-based Android mobile device management dashboard. Easily enroll, control and manage your devices from our dashboard.


Roles & Permissions

Roles & Permissions allows the account owner to create new admin with customized roles and permissions. Also limit their access by assigning them to specific roles.

Device Profile

Device Profiles allows you to create a profile with pre-selected apps, websites and specific branding, this profile can then be directly applied to multiple devices.

Device Group

Organize your devices into different Device Groups, and apply a Device Profile. You can set a single or multiple device Administrators to various groups.

Developer APIs

Access robust, clean APIs that allow you to create applications which access the features or data of MobiLock Pro.

Enterprise App Store

Upload your APKs here and publish them to devices registered with your account. The APKs are automatically downloaded on the devices and the device user will be alerted to install the application.


Location Tracking

Location Tracking feature helps you determine and track your device's precise location. Also you can turn on/off device location service remotely from dashboard.


Remote Control for Android Devices

MobiLock Remote Control provides the ability to view and control a remote device as if it were physically present from the MobiLock Dashboard.

Eliminate the need to check the device issues physically or communicate device issues through email or phone calls with Remote Control. Once configured, IT admins can troubleshoot issues with user devices remotely.

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Note: MobiLock Remote control currently works on Samsung KNOX supported, Sony, LG and Lenovo devices that run on Android version 5.0 and onwards.

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